Have fun while learning Table Etiquette and Restaurant Protocol

Good job tearing the bread!

Good job tearing the bread!

Adelie School of Protocol offers several classes for children ages 7-13 throughout the Seacoast.  “Pass the Peas, Please” is held at the Sheraton in Portsmouth, www.sheratonportsmouth.com  The Governor’s Inn in Rochester, www.governorsinn.com and Acorn’s Restaurant in Durham, www.newenglandcenter.com   It is all about having good manners and making others feel comfortable.  The children enjoy the evening in a fine restaurant and feel very important being without their parents, but with their peers.    Girls think it is great to be seated by the boys and the boys rise to the occasion to role-play the “gentlemen”.   napkin protocol, waiting for the host to begin the meal, counter-clock wise passing of the food and learning to cheek-tuck your food while talking are just some of the points that are covered during the 2.5 hour class.  Included in the investment cost, every student receives a Table Etiquette Handbook, multi-course gourment dinner and hands-on instruction. 

Reservations are requested two weeks prior to the class date. Call 603-868-7156 or email: adelieschoolofprotocol@comcast.net to receive a registration form.

We sure had fun learning table manners!

We sure had fun learning table manners!

About Armida Geiger
Armida Geiger - Director Administration background paved the road for Geiger to be a Co-Founder of Adélie School of Protocol, LLC. She received certification from the International School of Protocol as an Etiquette Consultant. Adélie School of Protocol equips clients with refinement of proper manners and social skills. Gaining knowledge of appropriate dress, body language, and communication style combined with execution is central in order to achieve positive results. The client will reap rewards of greater self-confidence and respect of self and others. Allow your professional career, social scene and personal endeavors to become the best they can be! Geiger has been published in NH Parenting, featured on television with New Hampshire Chronicle and HD News, New York. Manners classes at ASOP continue to be a hot New Hampshire topic. Local media eagerly interview Armida Geiger, a professional and respected etiquette leader.

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