Gentlemanly Fraternity at UNH – Durham NH

“You never know when you’ll have to impress someone classier than you,” remarked Michael, a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, at the University of New Hampshire. What a true statement. Twenty members of the nation’s largest fraternity, who pride themselves in being gentlemen, were looking for ways to polish up their dining manners and social skills. They turned to Adélie School of Protocol for further instruction and participated in several seminars focused on “How to Be Your Best”. Initial reactions to this decision? “I was dreading this, I really was.” An unsurprising but not very encouraging message. But what were the opinions coming away from the class? “Very fun and laid back” says one member, while another says, “I’ve never felt more like a gentleman”. Dress tips were particularly memorable, as instructor Armida Geiger told the partakers who should wear striped ties and who should stay away from cuffed trousers. As well as dressing, dining and social etiquette, helpful instructions were given on how to catch the attention of a prospective employer, a friend and the overall respect of others. A student’s way of putting it? “A knowledgeable and priceless lesson of the fine arts and chivalry”.

Article written by Catherine Geiger


Sigma Phi Epsilon - etiquette seminar participants-


Additional story found at The UNH Connection, published by the University of New Hampshire Alumni Association. 


About Armida Geiger
Armida Geiger - Director Administration background paved the road for Geiger to be a Co-Founder of Adélie School of Protocol, LLC. She received certification from the International School of Protocol as an Etiquette Consultant. Adélie School of Protocol equips clients with refinement of proper manners and social skills. Gaining knowledge of appropriate dress, body language, and communication style combined with execution is central in order to achieve positive results. The client will reap rewards of greater self-confidence and respect of self and others. Allow your professional career, social scene and personal endeavors to become the best they can be! Geiger has been published in NH Parenting, featured on television with New Hampshire Chronicle and HD News, New York. Manners classes at ASOP continue to be a hot New Hampshire topic. Local media eagerly interview Armida Geiger, a professional and respected etiquette leader.

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