Master the Art of Fine DiningAre you confident at a formal table?  Glide through the dining experience with perfect confidence as you learn from a Certified Etiquette Educator. It may be time to improve your dining skills in preparation of a special occasion or business engagement. Dine with style and grace.

  • Do I unbutton my suit jacket at the table?
  • Where should I wait for a dinner guest?
  • Pass left, pass right?
  • When should I mention my food allergy?
  • Should I ask for the check?
  • Electronics at the table?
  • Which bread plate is mine?

Knowledge of dining protocol increases confidence and enables the diner to enjoy the overall experience. The enthusiastic personality of etiquette educator, Armida Geiger presents lessons with light-hearted instruction,  all while enjoying a multi-course dinner.  Learn over 50 tips to master your manners at and away from the table.  Sure to be an enjoyable experience!

This class may be the perfect fit for office personnel, the sales team, and all professionals.  

Held at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel, Portsmouth, NH

Reservations limited to 12 participants

603-868-7156  Adelie School of Protocol
contact Armida Geiger at

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