Manners & Etiquette Programs

  • Group Homes

  • Private & Public School 

  • Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts

  • Homeschool 

  • Community Youth Programs

An upbeat style of teaching is what makes learning manners fun.  Light-hearted and sprinkled with bits of humor, manners classes can make a difference in how a child sees him/herself.   Confidence and being at ease with yourself in various social situations can make all the difference.


  • Successful Play Dates
  • How Can I Help You?
  • Making & Receiving Phone Calls
  • Use of Polite & Kind Words
  • Listening Skills
  • ABC’s of Table Manners
  • It’s Showtime- Movie/Theater Etiquette
  • Time to Meet ‘n’ Greet – Introductions
  • Writing Thank You Notes



  • Introductions & Honorifics
  • Telephone/Cell Phone Etiquette
  • Carpool Courtesies
  • Proper Introductions
  • Etiquette for Males
  • Etiquette for Females
  • Theater/Movie Protocol
  • Award Recognition
  • Job Application/Interview
  • The Art of Handwritten Thank You Notes

Programs are modifyed to meet your needs.  Does your school select a school wide theme for the year?  Good Manners,  Civility,  Be Your Best; these titles could be your theme for the year.  The students love it, the teachers love it and the community is sure to love it.  Life can’t get any better than equipping our future generation with confidence and social skills to last a lifetime!





Submitted by Susan Lavallee Executive Director at Our House for Girls,  Dover, NH  – Our House for Girls,  Confident and Competent program, focuses on personal growth and development.  We spent a great deal of time trying to find a social skills curriculum designed to teach social skills to at risk youth.  We wanted a program that could engage the girls, teach appropriate skills, and be fun in the process.  What we found, was a curriculum designed to teach young people confidence and being at ease in various social situations.  Armida Geiger from the Adelie School of Protocol offered a five session course that included topics such as:

  • Introduction to Basic Etiquette
  • Famous Females
  • Presenting Yourself in a Variety of Social Situations
  • Facial Expressions
  • Qualities of Poise
  • Award Recognition Protocol
  • Appetizer Social and Thank You Notes

Mrs. Geiger is a strong and competent role model.  With the use of gentle cues and prompts, she assured that all girls used appropriate language and demonstrated respect for one another. Her natural energy and enthusiasm was contagious and the girls were thoroughly engaged throughout each session.  In addition, the lessons were interactive and the methods of instruction catered to a variety of learning styles. The girls were taught the reasons behind the behaviors that they were taught.  They learned to think in social situations.  They internalized the messages and four months later, the girls can still be heard asking, “What would Mrs. Geiger do?” When I asked the girls for feedback on Mrs. Geiger’s “How to Be Your Best” class, they shared the following:

  •  “Mrs. Geiger was really nice.  She treated us like we were adults (well, young adults) but still; she wasn’t condescending if we didn’t know something.”  – 17 year old participant
  • “I was kind of scared at first because I never learned about stuff like that before.  My family didn’t even have a table.  But she was real nice and I liked when we went to dinner and tried lots of new things.  She always made me feel like I was okay.  Even when I ate the garnish.”  – 13 year old participant
  • “She was very professional and always had a good attitude.  I still remember what she taught us (even if I don’t always sit up straight).  I think it was a good class and she should come back when we get a new group.”  – 15 year old participant.








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