Interview Coaching

JOB INTERVIEW- Who are you, one might ask?  You are what the interviewer sees, and there’s no doubt that he sees plenty of qualified applicants. How can you stand out? What makes you unique? Do you have the necessary experience? Are you qualified for the job? What does the interviewer see when he looks at you?

Be your best!  Appropriate dress, poised mannerisms and correct verbal skills will give your interview a winning edge. Your positive presence will not go unnoticed. 

During interview coaching clients learn how to make a positive and lasting first impression. Many applicants think of the interview as the time spent during the actual face to face interview either in the office or over lunch.  This time is important, but equally important is how you execute appropriate mannerisms before and after.  If you think of the interview starting from the time you leave your car until the time you drive away, perhaps you may do things differently.

Gain the necessary skills to sell yourself during the interview.  Knowledge of proper etiquette eases the interview appointment. Adelie School of Protocol is located in New Hampshire.  Certified Etiquette Instructor Armida Geiger. Please call (603) 868-7156 or email

Look out!

Be alert!


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