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Application  complete, teacher recommendations submitted, interview appointment scheduled.  Nervous? You bet. Image converted using ifftoany

Students at any age start to feel some anxiety when it comes down to the personal interview. What will they ask  me? How should I dress? What can I say that will make them pick me? Calm your nerves… Armida Geiger at your service…she will supply you with the necessary skills to survive and succeed the interview process, plus set you apart from the competition. Call and schedule a one on one meeting  prior to your interview date.

Geiger will equip the student with a means to express themselves reverently and help them to  reveal qualities that are appealing to the interviewer.

TIP:  The humble approach will score points.  Focus on the genuine you: get in touch with who you are and your interests.

Contact:   call 603-868-7156


Dining Etiquette Party

Dining Etiquette Party!

It’ s  unique,  fun and a great style of entertaining… Invite your friends and “host” a dinner party! Let an etiquette instructor be your guide, helping to maneuver the  ins and outs of hosting a perfect dinner party. Learn the secret skills of a relaxed, yet poised and gracious host.  Males seat females,  napkin protocol, pacing, body language, posture,  proper use of the bread plate,  the list goes on. Who starts the dinner? When does a napkin go on the lap? Which direction to pass the rolls?  Yes,  you do appear like you’re guarding the plate while eating!  Salt and pepper stick together…really?

Friends reminice sharing stories about  the do’s, the don’ts and rules of their youth. Experience hosting a  party that guests won’t forget.   Contact  to receive additional information. Call Armida Geiger @ (603) 868-7156.

Dining Party

Dining Party

Sheraton Portsmouth NH Adult Dining Etiquette


Be prepared and confident

Master the Art of Fine DiningAre you confident at a formal table?  Glide through the dining experience with perfect confidence as you learn from a Certified Etiquette Educator. It may be time to improve your dining skills in preparation of a special occasion or business engagement. Dine with style and grace.

  • Do I unbutton my suit jacket at the table?
  • Where should I wait for a dinner guest?
  • Pass left, pass right?
  • When should I mention my food allergy?
  • Should I ask for the check?
  • Electronics at the table?
  • Which bread plate is mine?

Knowledge of dining protocol increases confidence and enables the diner to enjoy the overall experience. The enthusiastic personality of etiquette educator, Armida Geiger presents lessons with light-hearted instruction,  all while enjoying a multi-course dinner.  Learn over 50 tips to master your manners at and away from the table.  Sure to be an enjoyable experience!

Held at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel, Portsmouth, NH

Inquire about a group reservation.
Seating limited to 12.
603-868-7156  Adelie School of Protocol

DINING SAVVY  for Teens Dining Etiquette & Restaurant Protocol

Learn the finer points of table protocol while dining over a multi-course dinner at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, NH.   Discover the proper approach to the table, how to accept an offer to be seated and how to seat yourself. These refinements of poise and grace for males and females are very important skills to learn and practice for a successful future. Table posture, navigating a place setting, plus American and European dining styles are some of the topics covered throughout the evening experience. It’s sure to boost confidence at or away from the table!  The lessons are taught in a light, upbeat, humorous style.  To make a reservation  print and complete a registration form, mail with payment to: Adelie School of Protocol, 13 Davis Ave., Durham, NH 03824. 603-868-7156 Armida Geiger.

Inquire about a group reservation.

Registration requested 7 days prior to event. Location at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel, Portsmouth, NH.



Dining Protocol for Youth- “Pass the Peas, Please”ages 7-12 Learning proper table manners is a positive experience when it is taught in a light-hearted upbeat style!  Students dressed in their finery, dine over a multi-course dinner at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, NH. They accept the challenge of being treated as young mature males and females and receive table instructions with grace. Good table manners if used consistently become a habit and not a struggle.  It builds confidence and makes eating fun and relaxed without worrying about which fork to use and how to place the napkin.

  • Greetings, Eye Contact, Posture
  • Restaurant Protocol
  • Set a place setting
  • Napkin Protocol
  • Conversation while eating
  • Continental & American Style dining
  • General Table Manners

To make a reservation  print and complete a registration form, mail with payment to: Adelie School of Protocol, 13 Davis Ave., Durham, NH 03824. 603-868-7156 Armida Geiger.  Seating limited to 12.

Location at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel, Portsmouth, NH .

Don’t Ignore the RSVP

Here is some food for thought…You have received an invitation to a dinner/business event.  Read the invitation.   To whom is it addressed?  Unless the invitation is addressed,  ” and guest”,  attend on your own.  Reply as soon as possible.  RSVP or please respond, means you should respond whether you are planning to attend or not.  A reply can be made by phone call, postal mail or email.  Reflect your professional image in your email message.  It is a permanent inerasable document with your name on it and it is a reflection of you and the company you represent.  Be sure to include: date, salutation, short reply and complimentary closing. But most important… send a prompt reply usually within a week.

Job Interview Coaching

During interview coaching clients learn how to make a positive and lasting first impression. Many applicants think of the interview as the time spent during the actual face to face interview either in the office or over lunch.  This time is important, but equally important is how you execute appropriate mannerisms before and after.  If you think of the interview starting from the time you leave home and ending when you leave the interview location, perhaps you may do things differently. I am here to help you acquire the skills for a winning interview. For more information go to Home  Page on the website and click on Interview Coaching.

Knowledge of proper etiquette eases the interview appointment. Adelie School of Protocol is located in New Hampshire.  Certified Etiquette Instructor Armida Geiger. Please call (603) 868-7156 or email

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. JGarland



Adélie School of Protocol equips clients with refinement of proper manners and social skills. Gaining knowledge of appropriate dress, body language, and communication style combined with execution is central in order to achieve positive results. The client will reap rewards of greater self-confidence and respect of self and others. Allow your professional career, social scene and personal endeavors to become the best they can be!     Contact Armida Geiger via email

October 10/18 – 4:30-7:00 pm at Acorn’s Restaurant in Durham, New Hampshire – 11/3 5-7:30 pm at Sheraton Harborside – Portsmouth – Register for the Dining Etiquette Class for Kids

Pass the Peas, Please

Dining Etiquette Class for ages 7-13


Contact for a registration form.


“Can I come to this class again?” This a common question asked by kids who attend a table manners class!   Having fun is what learning manners is all about.  While still young, children are very receptive to learning manners from anyone but their parents.  Adelie School of Protocol, LLC in Durham, New Hampshire has a proven track record having instructed over 500 students.  100_5040Small groups are very effective with hands-on instruction while dining over a multi-course meal. Shirt and tie, nice dress and big appetite is all that’s needed to attend a table manners class.  Looking for an opportunity for your son/daughter to feel extra special and gain confidence?  Just let them have a few hours alone with their peers in a fancy restaurant and when you pick them up, be ready for them to chew your ear off! Table conversation and questions abound from “What if I don’t like salad?” to “Do I have to hold my fork in my right hand, if I’m left handed?” You think it, they ask it.    Once they attend a table etiquette class, they’ll be ready to “show-off” their newly acquired manners. 


Please go to, CLASSES for current dates and locations.  Various fine-dining restaurants and inns throughout the Seacoast host Adelie School of Protocol, LLC.  Favorite locations have been: Acorn’s Restaurant at the New England Center – Durham, The Governor’s Inn – Rochester,   Sheraton Harborside Hotel – Portsmouth,  The Common Man Restaurant – Concord,  C.R. Sparks – Bedford,  Keep a watch for a location near you.




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