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Adélie School of Protocol equips clients with refinement of proper manners and social skills. Gaining knowledge of appropriate dress, body language, and communication style combined with execution is central in order to achieve positive results. The client will reap rewards of greater self-confidence and respect of self and others. Allow your professional career, social scene and personal endeavors to become the best they can be!     Contact Armida Geiger via email


October 10/18 – 4:30-7:00 pm at Acorn’s Restaurant in Durham, New Hampshire – 11/3 5-7:30 pm at Sheraton Harborside – Portsmouth – Register for the Dining Etiquette Class for Kids

Pass the Peas, Please

Dining Etiquette Class for ages 7-13


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“Can I come to this class again?” This a common question asked by kids who attend a table manners class!   Having fun is what learning manners is all about.  While still young, children are very receptive to learning manners from anyone but their parents.  Adelie School of Protocol, LLC in Durham, New Hampshire has a proven track record having instructed over 500 students.  100_5040Small groups are very effective with hands-on instruction while dining over a multi-course meal. Shirt and tie, nice dress and big appetite is all that’s needed to attend a table manners class.  Looking for an opportunity for your son/daughter to feel extra special and gain confidence?  Just let them have a few hours alone with their peers in a fancy restaurant and when you pick them up, be ready for them to chew your ear off! Table conversation and questions abound from “What if I don’t like salad?” to “Do I have to hold my fork in my right hand, if I’m left handed?” You think it, they ask it.    Once they attend a table etiquette class, they’ll be ready to “show-off” their newly acquired manners. 


Please go to, CLASSES for current dates and locations.  Various fine-dining restaurants and inns throughout the Seacoast host Adelie School of Protocol, LLC.  Favorite locations have been: Acorn’s Restaurant at the New England Center – Durham, The Governor’s Inn – Rochester,   Sheraton Harborside Hotel – Portsmouth,  The Common Man Restaurant – Concord,  C.R. Sparks – Bedford,  Keep a watch for a location near you.




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Manners on the Go – Homeschool Group has Breakfast Etiquette

Manners on the Go – Homeschoolers  learn table manners

Mary L.  Caulfield and Armida A. Geiger, certified etiquette instructors from the Adelie School of Protocol in Durham, New Hampshire take their table manners class on the road to Milton, New Hampshire.   A wonderful group of home-school children doned their finest and each student toted a complete china place setting including utensils, beverage glasses and linen napkin.  The two hour class was a combination  of  table etiquette and everyday social manners for children ages 6-12.  Parents stepped right up and volunteered to cook and serve the brunch menu. Wearing white shirts and black slacks, they played the part of server and everyone had a great time.  Eggs strata, french toast and fresh fruit cups were  some of the 5-course menu items. 

children partake in Good Manners Program

children partake in Good Manners Program

Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, homeschool groups, choirs,  youth groups or birthday parties can enjoy a manners class by incorporating everyday manners and  table etiquette into a  fun- filled event.

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