• One of the most useful classes I have attended in my 4 years at this university. A great source of information that will surely be handy as life marches on.
  • “Mrs. Geiger was really nice.  She treated us like we were adults (well, young adults) but still; she wasn’t condescending if we didn’t know something.”  – 17 year old participant 
  • Classes were extremely memorable and valuable. I especially enjoyed the section where you taught “How to dress for your body type.”
  • “She was very professional and always had a good attitude.  I still remember what she taught us (even if I don’t always sit up straight).  I think it was a good class and she should come back when we get a new group.”  – 15 year old participant.
  • Excellent advice for professional situations.  “I’ve never felt like more of a gentleman.”
  • “I was kind of scared at first because I never learned about stuff like that before.  My family didn’t even have a table.  But she was real nice and I liked when we went to dinner and tried lots of new things.  She always made me feel like I was okay.  Even when I ate the garnish.”  – 13 year old participant 
  • In trying to prepare our students for the real world, it is important to have professional outside help to illustrate our lessons.  Your natural ability to work with eighth grade students, coupled with your hands-on approach made your class a real success for my students.  While eighth graders are known to be a difficult group to work with, they had fun, were on task, and learned the skills that they will need to put them ahead of others while trying to get their first job.  We are lucky to have individuals like you who are willing to share their expertise.  P R. Davis- Portsmouth Middle School
  • The dining seminar was very helpful and informative.  It was also very nice to get an explanation and background for the etiquette.  The seminar really helped improve my outlook on etiquette.
  • My son was reluctant to attend the “manners’ class as he is eight and thought that it would be ‘boring’. We got him there on the pretext that he could share what he had learned with his siblings. Oliver came home from the class with such excitement as he had really enjoyed the role playing and skits. He was keen to share with me some of the things that he had been taught and was enthusiastic that he asked me to sign him up for the “Pass the Peas, Please” class.   E. Butler   
  • These classes were of great value.  I will remember what I learned for the rest of my life.  I had an excellent time and thought you were a great teacher.  Thank you very much! Erik
  • The skills learned in this program were instrumental in my success of future endeavors.
  • I think that the skills I learned today will help with my upcoming interviews I will have.  I thought that the part about the check was the most helpful.The kids loved the class and said the food was fantastic.  Reed was ready the next night standing by my chair to push me in!  That stopped after that night though!  They are definitely more conscious of how they are eating now. Thanks.  Wendy  
  •  Elizabeth had a great time, and I am sure will share what she has learned with her 6 year old brother.  She actually told him that he should go when he is 7, that he would have a lot of fun.  Thank you for taking the time to enrich our children’s lives.  Susan and Frank   
  • The girls had a wonderful time and would like to attend again in the spring.  They told us what they learned and got a kick out of the fact that the “boys” had to help seat the girls.  Of course, the inevitable question to Dad was:  “How come we don’t see you pull out the chair for Mom?”  That was pretty funny.  In any case, thank you.  They have already put their new found knowledge to good use this morning at breakfast.  C. Brashear    
  • My third graders truly enjoyed the interactive workshop led by Armida Geiger and Mary Caulfield. The focus of the presentation was the characteristics of a “good listener”. The students actively participated in discussions, role-playing activities and skits. As a classroom teacher, it was nice to have “special guests” who were delivering important lessons to the students in new and exciting ways. I was able to use the characteristics outlined during the workshop as a daily reference for the kids the rest of the school year.     Moharimet Elementary School   
  • Children will benefit greatly from what they learn in your etiquette classes. Thank you for designing a program that teaches social civility in a fun and professional manner. Brave Ladies! Dr. Madelyn Spring Gearheart, NH Youth Chorus   
  • My son Daniel participated in “Pass the Peas, Please” at the Acorns Restaurant last Thursday. . I wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience he had. Daniel has 3 younger brothers to whom he enjoyed showing all of his new table manners. Thanks again for this opportunity you have given to the children.  A. Sullivan



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